Nataruk Warframe New War Bow

The Nataruk Warframe New War bow is a new weapon that you can earn while playing through the content of the update. It is really powerful, so it behooves you to unlock it. However, it has had a bit of a problem that has soured the experience. So, in this guide, we’ll show you how to get the Warframe New War Nataruk bow, as well as how to fix the Exilus Slot missing bug.

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nataruk warframe new war bow
Nataruk Warframe New War Bow

How to Get Warframe New War Nataruk Bow

To get the Nataruk bow in Warframe New War, you just need to complete the New War quest chain. That’s all there is to it; it doesn’t have any other special requirements. That’s a pretty low bar for what is actually a really powerful weapon. It has infinite ammo, deals Piercing damage (and is therefore very good against armor), and has four innate polarities. On top of that, it has a thing called Perfect Shot, which happens when you release an arrow after charging the shot for about two thirds. This strike has a much higher status chance, critical chance, and critical multiplier.

So, your best bet is to deck it out with upgrades that play well with its abilities. Avoid increasing fire rate, as that can mess with the timing of the Perfect Shot. Other than that, there’s the matter of the Exilus slot missing, even though it should be there. Let’s talk about that.

Nataruk Bow Exilus Slot Missing Solution

The solution to the Warframe New War Nataruk bow Exilus slot missing bug is as simple as one can wish for – make sure to download and install the latest patch. According to the responses to this forum post, it was a UI bug that the developers were instantly made aware of. They rolled out a fix for the problem, so it should all be fine after you’ve downloaded it.

And that about does it. If you have any other problems with the content in the New War update, feel free to check out some of our other guides on the subject. We have articles like How to Defeat Jackal, Drifter or Operator Choice, and How to Get Caliban Component Blueprints.

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