Warframe Zarium Accolade Bounty

The Angels of the Zariman is a brand-new expansion for Warframe. Like every Warframe expansion that came before it, this expansion is also filled with all sorts of new content for players to undertake. This includes new quests, weapons, and items that you can get. One of these is a new Warframe bounty that requires that you “Find Zarium Accolade and take it to Melica”. Since plenty of players are having a hard time with this bounty, we have decided to write this guide to help you out.

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Warframe Zarium Accolade Bounty

Find Zarium Accolade and Take It to Melica Warframe

To be able to find and acquire the Zarium Accolades, you will first need to start The Angels of the Zariman content, as well as “The Angels of the Zariman” quest itself. Once you have done both of these, you will then have the option of taking on this bounty. The bounty’s objective is to “Find Zarium Accolade and take it to Melica”. Of course, this is easier said than done.

You can run into these during Zarium missions. When you notice a Cephalon Terminal (these are highlighted with a pink marker on your minimap), the Zarium Accolade should be nearby. When you get close enough to its general location, you will hear a high-pitched ringing sound. Search the surrounding area and you will soon find the Zarium Accolade location. Of course, this is even easier with the Loot Detector Aura Mod, but we know that not everyone has this. Once you find and get the Zarium Accolade, all that’s left is to take it back to the Cephalon Terminal. When you turn it in, you will get a Voidplume Quill as a reward. And that’s how you can complete this bounty. If you’re interested, we have other Angels of the Zariman content available, such as how to get and farm Voidplume Pinion.

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