What Was First Regular Season Game for Monday Night Football on ESPN

Don’t know what was the first regular season Game for Monday Night Football on ESPN? Yeah, you’re definitely not the only one. Unless you’re a really passionate sports fan, odds are you won’t know the answer. That’s exactly what we’ll be covering in this guide. We are going to tell you who where the teams that played the first ESPN Monday Night Football regular season match – San Diego vs Oakland, Seattle vs Kansas City, Dallas vs Philadelphia or Minnesota vs Washington.

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what was first regular season game for monday night football on espn
What Was First Regular Season Game for Monday Night Football on ESPN (image credit: Disney)

Who Was the First Regular Season Game for Monday Night Football on ESPN

The first regular season Monday Night Football game that aired on ESPN took place on September 11th, 2006. The two participants in the match are a question on Disney’s hundred-anniversary TikTok challenge, and if you’re not that into sports, you’ll have no idea which teams played the game. Trust me, I am among them; I had to look this up. That’s why I’m writing the guide, after all; to hopefully help you out. The correct answer is Minnesota Vikings and Washington Commanders, at the time still called Redskins. Here’s the full list of possible answers, with the correct one in bold.

  • San Diego vs Oakland
  • Seattle vs Kansas City
  • Dallas vs Philadelphia
  • Minnesota vs Washington

And there you have it, that’s what the first regular season Monday Night Football game on ESPN was. This is when ESPN began broadcasting Monday Night Football, while NBC took the rights to Sunday Night Football (according to Wikipedia). The current bunch of the centennial Disney quiz is a fascinating mixture of regular Disney trivia, facts about new Star Wars, and sports questions that revolve around ESPN. I mean, it’s because The Mouse owns ESPN, but that lends itself to an interesting bunch of questions that has something for everyone. And that’s basically all for this guide; more coming down the pipeline.

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