Disney Dreamlight Valley Update 9 Release Date Confirmed

If you are a Disney Dreamlight fan, then you’re no doubt wondering – when is the Disney Dreamlight Valley Update 9 Release Date? Ever since the game first came out in Early Access all the way back in September 2022, it has received several major updates. Each of these adds things such as new mechanics, areas, characters, quests, and more into the game. Because of that, every next update is eagerly awaited by the players. This also includes a lot of speculation and hype, as you’re never quite sure which Disney characters and areas are going to be added. So with that said, we are going to compile all of the information regarding the DDLV Update 9 release date that we currently have for this upcoming spring update – right here.

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When is Disney Dreamlight Valley Update 9 Release Date
Disney Dreamlight Valley Update 9 Release Date Confirmed

When is Disney Dreamlight Valley Update 9 Coming Out?

The DDLV Update 9 release date has been confirmed – it is arriving this February 28th, 2024. Titled “The Laugh Floor”, this update features the famous duo from Pixar’s hit animated movie Monsters, Inc. – Sulley and Mike. A very appropriate name for the expansion, as, after the events of the first movie, the titular Monsters stopped scaring children, and started making them laugh instead. And while we don’t know everything else that is going to be added, what we do know is that a new area, quests, and other fun mechanics are sure to be included alongside them. In fact, we do know what one of these is going to be, courtesy of the devs. This is the long-awaited option to change your name whenever you want to. An excellent quality of life addition.

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