Wild Hearts Sharp Scale Location

Knowing where to find the Wild Hearts Sharp Scale location is going to become important at one point or another. However, the problem is that there’s basically just one source for this resource, and even then, only after you’ve reached a certain chapter. So, how do you get Sharp Scale? Let’s figure it out!

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wild hearts sharp scale location
Wild Hearts Sharp Scale Location

How to Get Sharp Scale in Wild Hearts

To get and farm Sharp Scale in Wild Hearts, you need to get to Chapter 3 first. After you’ve done that, you have to go to Akikure Canyon. Explore around until you run into a Nightshade Monitor, then slay it. You should get a Sharp Scale for doing so. These monsters will not drop the Scale before you hit Chapter 3, because only the invasive variant of the creature can have them. The Nigthshade Monitors seem to spawn most often in the Six Paths Lagoon and Last Bastion Ruins sections of Akikure Canyon, but they can appear in other parts of the zone. You can apparently also get Sharp Scale from Shardshower Monitors in Fuyufusagi Fort, but we haven’t been able to confirm it. Let us know in the comments if that is the case.

So, there you have it, that’s how you get the Sharp Scale resource in Wild Hearts. Every time you need some, head over to Last Bastion Ruins and Six Paths Lagoon in Akikure Canyon and look for Nightshade Monitors. Again, you won’t get any before you reach Chapter 3. With all of that said, be careful with the Monitors. They can’t take too much punishment, but they can mess you up if you get too confident. Ideally, you’ll want to approach them from the back for a devastating surprise attack. That way, the monster won’t have much of a chance to deal any significant damage to your character.

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