Wildberry Cookie Toppings Cookie Run Kingdom

The Council of Heroes is the newest Cookie Run Kingdom update. Besides the usual assortment of new content, players are most likely to appreciate the inclusion of two new Cookies. One of these is the Wildberry Cookie. And, as is the case whenever new Cookies are released, fans are wondering what are the best toppings for Wildberry Cookie. So that’s exactly what we are going to do in this Wildberry Cookie Toppings Cookie Run Kingdom guide and show you which Toppings are the best choice for this new Cookie.

Wildberry Cookie Toppings Cookie Run Kingdom

Toppings For Wildberry Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

To understand which toppings are the best choice for this Cookie, we have to take a look at WB Cookie first. Wildberry Cookie is a Defense Class and his position is to the Front. He is Hollyberry Cookie’s bodyguard.

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His in-game description reads: “Filled to the brim with wild tropical berries, Wildberry Cookie’s ardent loyalty to the Hollyberry Kingdom is unquestionable. And the brightly gleaming jewel embedded into his mighty gauntlet is proof! Young Wildberry Cookie once roamed the ramshackle alleys of the Hollyberry capital until an unexpected savior offered him a helping hand. Insidious whispers have been following this knight of few words ever since: they claim he is prone to solving problems with brute force, but these rumors cannot be farther from the truth. Wildberry Cookie has sworn to do whatever it takes to protect his kingdom and its royal dynasty! Even though sometimes what it takes is serving generous amounts of berry juice.”

Since Wildberry Cookie is a defensive character, the Topping best suited for his build is Solid Almond. Equipping x5 Solid Almonds will provide Wildberry Cookie with +5% to Damage Resistance, making him even tougher. Of course, since this Cookie has only just been released, it’s possible that other Topping combinations also work well for him. In that case, we will update the guide with new Topping suggestions. And, if you are interested in learning more about the other new Cookie, we have a guide for the best Clotted Cream Toppings as well.

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