Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Missing Husband in Hidden Village

Not sure where to find the missing husband of a woman from the Hidden Village in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty? That thing was giving us trouble as well! Soon after the prologue mission, you’ll find the Hidden Village. This area will act as your main hub, where you will find essential characters such as the blacksmith, vendor, and the Golden Cicada Shell collector. You’ll also find quite a few interesting characters, such as the woman whose husband disappeared a long time ago. Here’s what we know about the lost husband’s location in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Missing Husband in Hidden Village
Where is the Missing Husband in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Before we proceed, a disclaimer: This guide is a work in progress. The story of the woman with a missing husband spans the whole length of the game. As such, we’re yet to come to the conclusion of this story. We will regularly update the article with any new instances of this side story. With that out of the way, let’s continue.

Where to Find the Missing Husband of a Woman From the Hidden Village in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

The first time you reach the Hidden Village, you’ll probably look around to get familiar with the location and its inhabitants. Aside from everyone being named the same – Hermit of Tianzhu – they are quite a diverse group of personalities. Among other people, you’ll meet a woman asking, “Have you seen my Husband?” She’ll then tell you how he disappeared “a long time ago”. Given that it has been “ages since he last came home”, she thinks we will need to look for him outside the village. And that’s all the clues we will get.

Sometime after this, you’ll set free a certain male Hermit of Tianzhu from a prison cell. That’s the one which will unlock a new area in the Hidden Village, the sanctuary for Shitieshou demon pandas. This will prompt the woman (the one without a husband) to leave the village. From here, we will not know about her whereabouts until much later in the game.

Lost Husband Woman Give Coppers or Not Choice in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

We’ve randomly met the woman again in Part 5 of the story, in the “The Uninhibited Heart” sub-battlefield. She was just standing there in the middle of the chaos. She informed us that she’s “searched every area”, but there’s still no sign of her missing husband. The woman then asked us for some money to continue her journey. If you give her copper, she’ll “resume the search for my husband”.

We’ve met her for the third time during the “Let’s Make Our Armor Shine!” sub-battlefield. She was inside one of the wooden huts with sacks on shelves. The woman told us that there was no sign of her husband there as well and asked us for money again. Give her coppers again.

Another encounter with her occurs during the “Our Halberds Shine” sub-battlefield (The final sub-battlefield in Part 7). It is the same map as the first mission in the game, only now under snow. Go to where the tiger is on the original map. After you kill several bosses, head behind the locked house, and you’ll see her standing in the backyard. Check out the images below. Once again, she’ll ask you for money to help her find her husband. Just like the last two times – Give her copper again. We will soon update the guide with the final step of this mission. Stay tuned.

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