Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Woman Lost Key Location Hidden Village

Not sure where to find the lost key for the woman in Hidden Village? We’ve got you covered! Once you beat the prologue mission in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, you’ll unlock the Hidden Village area, which is your character’s main hub. You’ll stumble across some interesting characters there, including one Hermit of Tianzhu who has lost her key. In this Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Taoist’s Backyard Key guide, we provide the exact location of the Lost Key for the woman in the Hidden Village.

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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Woman Lost Key Location Hidden Village
Taoist’s Backyard Key Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Where to Find the Lost Key for the Woman in Hidden Village in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

So, where is this lost key for the Hermit of Tianzhu lady in the Hidden Village? The woman says she “can’t remember where I lost it”, adding that “it was probably when I was climbing the mountain for training”. And that’s the only clue we get. Behind her is her house with a locked door, for which you need the key. And if you check the backyard, you’ll see plenty of stuff to grab there.

Before we proceed, you should know that there are minor spoilers ahead. However, since you’ve searched online for this, you are probably fine with that. Hence, without further ado, let’s check out where to find the lost key’s location.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Taoist’s House Key Location

The first thing you need to know is that this poor woman has actually lost not one, but two keys! One for the house and another one for her backyard. You’ll find the key to the lady’s house during the “Search of the Immortal Wizard” mission/level. It is right after defeating the crocodile(or alligator?) mini-boss in the cave towards the end of the level. Head outside the cave, and you’ll see two stone lanterns at the exit. The house key is just behind one of the stone lanterns. Check out our images below for better orientation.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Taoist’s Backyard Key Location

The second key is an item called “Taoist’s Backyard Key”. And you’ll find it dozens of hours deep into the game. The level where you’ll find this Hidden Village lost key is called “War’s Flames Blaze Fiercely”. This level is relatively linear. At one point, you’ll reach a dragon-head-like entrance which leads to the catacombs.

The path inside the catacombs is rather linear as well, with some sideways, which eventually lead to the same point. At one point, you’ll see an alcove in the wall, which leads to a short dead-end. Check out our image below so that you know where to look. And at the end of that blind alley, you’ll find the “Taoist’s Backyard Key” item. And that’s our Hidden Village Lost Key for the Hermit of Tianzhu woman.

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