Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Soft Caps

If you want the complete list of all stats soft caps in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, we’ve got you covered! Every experienced action RPG player knows that min-maxing your stats in Souls-like games is essential if you don’t want to struggle in the game’s later stages and make your experience worse. Hence, knowing what are the soft caps in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty and how they work will do wonders for your build. Read on as we explain everything you need to know.

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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Soft Caps

All Soft Caps in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Knowing skill soft caps in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty (or any other RPG game, for that matter) is crucial. This information will allow you to spend your attribute points in a more efficient and meaningful way. Putting your hard-earned points where it matters instead of blindly forcing only one stat will make your build more powerful and allow you to gain maximum upgrades.

In case you don’t know what are these caps, let’s explain quickly. A lot of RPG games have two types of caps – soft and hard caps. Hard are simply the maximum amount of points you can put in a certain stat. You will simply not be able to put more points there, even if you want. However, soft caps are more nuanced. At one point, levelling up a stat will simply have diminishing returns compared to investing that point in another stat.

For example, stat A will give you a 5% health bonus each time you invest a point in it until you have 20 points there, but starting from 21, it will give you only a 2% health bonus for every next point you put there. That’s a basic example of a soft cap. With that said, here are all the currently known soft caps in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, courtesy of Reddit user TheFiGhTiNCoWBoY:

  • 30 is the first drop for damage on primary scaling stats.
  • 40 Wood Spirit Defense.
  • Spirit Gain Rate (Attack/Deflect) & Spell Duration seem linear per 2 points.
  • 15, 30, 46 for spirit consumption rate.
  • 35 Earth Equip Weight.
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