Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Transfer Demo Save Data Explained

If you have played the demo version of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, then you probably know that there is an option to transfer your demo save data into the complete release version of the game, But what does this process entail? Is it automatic, or do you need to do something to get it to work? And can you carry over this progress if you have, for example, played the demo on Steam, and want to play the full game on Game Pass? We are going to answer all of these questions and more in this Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Transfer Demo Save Data Explained guide.

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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Transfer Demo Save Data Explained
Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Transfer Demo Save Data Explained

How to Transfer Save Data from Demo in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

For most players, this process is going to be automatic. That is, provided you are playing both the demo and the release version on the same platform. Once you start the full game, you should get a prompt asking you if you want to transfer your save data from the demo. In case that doesn’t happen, you should do the following. First, go into the demo version. From there, navigate to System > Upload > Yes > Confirm > Confirm > Yes > Confirm. After that, go to the full game – System > Manage Cross Save > Download > Confirm > Confirm > Yes > Confirm. Your demo save data should now be transferred over to the full release version.

In case this doesn’t work, you should try reinstalling the game. And if that isn’t doing the job either, you should then contact Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty support for further assistance.

Can You Transfer Data from Steam to Gamepass in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Unfortunately, this isn’t an option. There is a sort of cross-play for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, but it is separated into three categories. These are PS4/PS5, Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One/Microsoft Store/Game Pass, and Steam. So while you can transfer demo progress from PS4 onto PS5 and Xbox Series X|S onto the Game Pass, you can’t transfer Steam demo progress over to Game Pass.

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