Wonder Mail Codes & Rewards in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX

Wonder Mail Codes in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX are special cheat codes that you can enter in the game’s menu. The rewards of Wonder Mail Codes range from a variety of useful items to special job requests, aka quests, that you can complete for different Pokemon. In our Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX Wonder Mail Codes & Rewards guide, we’re going to show you the full list of all Wonder Mail Codes, the rewards they grant you, and how to enter the codes in the first place.

Wonder Mail Codes & Rewards in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX
Wonder Mail Codes & Rewards in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX Wonder Mail Codes List – How to Enter Codes?

To enter Wonder Mail codes in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX, you have to go into the main menu, and scroll to the right to the envelope icon (the one shown above). Go into that menu, and then simply start punching in the codes. Just keep in mind that you can only insert a code once per account. If you enter a code and change your mind, you can opt to refuse the reward. That’ll let you re-enter the code at a different time. With all that said, let’s get into the codes list (as provided by dataminer ElChicoEevee) and what rewards they grant you.

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Wonder Mail CodeRewardsReward Type / Name
0 M N 2 F 0 C N

See-Trap Orb x5

Trapbust Ore x5

Expedition gift consumables
0 R 5 H 7 6 X QWailmer’s Special RequestSpecial Job Request
0 R 7 9 1 0 P 7

Life Seed x2

Carbos x2

Physical Boost Set
1 Y 5 K 0 K 1 S

Apple x5

Perfect Apple x3

Full Belly Set
2 5 Q Q T S C R

Power Band x1

Defense Scarf x1

Gold Ribbon x1

Powerful Ribbon Set
3 R 6 2 C R 6 3

Rawst Berry x5

Chesto Berry X5

Tiny Reviver Seed x2

Useful Berry Set
3 T W J M K 2 C

Corsola Twig x120

Gift from Corsola
3 T Y 1 X W 9 9Leech Life TMBug TM
3 X N S Q M Q X

Escape Ore x3

Rollcall Orb x3

Revive All Orb x1

Safety Set
4 5 Q S P H F 4Cacnea Spike x 120Cacnea Collection
4 7 K 2 K 5 R 3

Violent Seed x3

Stun Seed x10

Tiny Reviver Seed x 3

Strong-Foe Resistance Gift
5 J M P H 7 K 5

Pecha Berry x5

Cheri Berry x5

Tiny Reviver Seed x2

Handy Berry Set
5 J S K 2 C M CApple x18Apple Bundle
5 J S M N W F 0Larvitar’s Special RequestSpecial Job Request
5 K 0 K 0 K 2 KMisdreavus’s Special RequestSpecial Job Request
5 P J Q M C C J

Tiny Reviver Seed x 5

Reviver Seed x2

Revive All Orb x1

Reviver Seed Set
6 X T 1 X P 9 8Max Ether x18Max Ether Bundle
6 X W H H 7 J M

Rainbow Gummi x3

Accuracy Drink x3

Move Technique Pack
6 Y 6 S N W H FSlowbro’s Special RequestSpecial Job Request
7 7 6 S J W J S

PP-Up Drink x3

Max Elixir x3

Green Pouch
7 8 S H 6 4 6 3Focus Blast TMFighting TM
7 F W 6 2 7 C K

Slumber Orb x5

Totter Orb x5

Predicament Gift
8 Q X R 9 3 P 5

Geo Pebble x40

Gravelerock x40

Golden Fossil x20

Gift from Graveler
8 T T 4 9 8 W 8Clefairy’s Special RequestSpecial Job Request
9 0 P 7 8 R 9 6

Calcium x 3

Accuracy Drink x3

Blue Pouch
9 0 P 7 C Q P 9Shadow Ball TMGhost TM
9 1 S R 2 H 5 JSableye’s Special RequestSpecial Job Request
9 2 J M R 4 8 WSmoochum’s Special RequestSpecial Job Request
9 5 R 1 W 6 S J

Special Band x1

Zinc Band x1

Gold Ribbon x1

Magical Ribbon Set
9 6 1 W F 0 M N

See-Trap Orb x5

Trawl Orb x2

Storage Orb x2

Voluminous Set
9 9 1 Y 5 K 4 7Marrep’s Special RequestSpecial Job Request
C F S H 9 6 2 H

Slow Orb x5

Quick Orb x5

Brawl Gift
C M Q M F X W 6

Mach Ribbon x1

Gold Ribbon x1

Technical Ribbon Set
C N T S N 2 F 1Beautifly Special RequestSpecial Job Request
F S H H 6 S R 0

Oran Berry x 10

Sitrus Berry x1

Reviver Seed x1

HP Recovery Set
H 5 F Y 9 4 8 M

All Power-Up Orb x3

All Dodge Orb x3

Tough Battling Set
H 6 W 7 K 2 6 2DX Gummi x2Special Gummi Sample
H 8 P J T W F 2

Heal Seed x3

Tiny Reviver Seed x2

Lovely Seed Set
H K 5 R 3 N 4 7Dragonair’s Special RequestSpecial Job Request
J R 4 1 1 3 Q SWaterfall TMWater TM
J T 3 M Q Y 7 9Corsola Twig x 120Corsola Collection
J Y 3 X Q W 5 C

Protein x 2

Iron x 2

Power Boost Set
K 0 F X W K 7 J

Calcium x 2

Zinc x2

Magic Boost Set
K 7 6 2 C J W FRoselia’s Special RequestSpecial Job Request
M C C H 6 X Y 6

Power Drink x3

Iron x3

Red Pouch
M F 0 K 5 C C NMantyke’s Special RequestSpecial Job Request
M H J R 6 2 5 MTogetic’s Special RequestSpecial Job Request
N 0 R 7 K 9 3 REnergy Ball TMGrass TM
N 3 Q W 5 J S K

Apple x 5

Big Apple x5

Hungry Set
N Y 7 J P 8 Q M

One-Shot Orb x2

Petrify Orb x3

Spurn Orb x3

Monster House Provisions
P 5 R 9 4 1 1 SFlamethrower TMFire TM
P F X Q P C N 3Bulldoze TMGround TM
Q X W 5 M M N 1

Inviting Orb x3

Rare Quality Orb x3

Wigglytuff Orb x1

Friendly Set
R 1 3 R 6 X Y 0Thunderbolt TMElectric TM
R 6 T 1 X S H 5Chingling’s Special RequestSpecial Job Request
R 8 Y 4 8 Q X RRhyhorn’s Special RequestSpecial Job Request
R 9 9 4 5 P C NOran Berry x18Oran Berry Bundle
S F S J W K 0 H

Helper Orb x 3

Revive All Orb x2

Hard Times Set
S H 8 X M F 1 TCacnea Spike x120Gift from Cacnea
S J P 7 6 4 2 C

Max Ether x5

Max Elixir x2

PP Filling Set
S K 5 P 7 7 8 R

All Power-Up Orb x2

All Dodge Orb x2

All Protect Orb x2

Boss Battle Set
S N 3 X Q S F WRainbow Gummi x6Rainbow Gummi Assortment
S R 0 K 5 Q R 9

Joy Seed x3

Happy Letter
T Y 2 6 4 4 6 X

Cleanse Orb x5

Health Orb x5

Relief Gift
W 9 5 R 9 1 X TSmart Strike TMSteel TM
W C J T 2 7 5 J

Rainbow Gummi x 3

Power Drink x3

Attack Move Pack
W J N T Y 4 7 8Evasion Orb x 10Support Gift
X M K 5 J Q Q MIce Beam TMIce TM
X M K 9 5 K 4 9

Rainbow Gummi x3

DX Gummi x1

Lovely Gummi Assortment
X N Y 8 P K 4 0Brutal Swing TMDark TM
X T 4 9 8 S P 7

Power Drink x2

Accuracy Drink x2

PP-Up Drink x2

Move Strengthening Set
Y 4 9 0 C J M R

Rainbow Gummi x3

PP-Up Drink x3

Move Stamina Pack
Y 6 4 9 3 N 3 S

Foe-Hold Orb x3

Foe-Seal Orb x5

Barrier Gift
Y 9 9 1 1 4 1 2

Bronze Dojo Ticket x3

Silver Dojo Ticket x2

Gold Dojo Ticket x1

Training Set
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