Wonder Weapon - Mauer Der Toten Cold War

The COD Cold War Mauer der Toten Wonder Weapon, aka the CRBR-S, is a new and fairly powerful and versatile weapon that you can get on the newly-added Zombies map. Of course, since it’s a new weapon, people want to know how to get the CRBR-S Wonder Weapon in Cold War. Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be showing you in this guide. It’ll take some doing, make no mistake about that, but then again, the gun is worth the trouble.

wonder weapon mauer der toten cold war
Wonder Weapon – Mauer Der Toten Cold War

How to Get Wonder Weapon in Mauer Der Toten

To get the Mauer Der Toten wonder weapon in Cold War, aka the CRBR-S, there are three avenues that you can explore. The first one is the good ole Mystery Box method. Open the boxes and pray to Lady Luck that you get the CRBR-S in one of the draws. The second method is to complete the main quest in Mauer Der Toten. At the time of writing, it doesn’t seem like anyone has figured out how the quest actually works, but it is a valid way to get the wonder weapon.

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The third and probably most solid method right now is to play the Trials through the Trials machine. To do that, you’ll first have to activate it by killing Tempests around the map, collecting fuses from them, and placing them in the Power Room in the Subway. Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay to unlock a bunch of doors on this journey. Once you get the power going again, head to the Trials machine. It’s next to the wall near Der Dozent, just behind a tank.

From there,to get the Cold War Mauer Der Toten Wonder Weapon, you just have to play through the Trials until you get to the Legendary Tier. Once you hit the max rank, you should finally get the CRBR-S and start upgrading it to better match your preferences. It will be a long and arduous journey, no two ways about it, but if you want to get the new gun fast, this is currently your best bet.

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