Wordle Words Ending in Rge

It’s been several months since Wordle exploded in popularity. While seamlessly easy-looking, this game has a lot of nuance to it. Each day, you will get a new 5 letter word that you need to guess in six tries or less. Today’s word ends in RGE. Since there are quite a few Worldle 5 letter words that end with rge, this guide is going to list them all out – including their definitions. Words such as barge, merge, purge, and so on. So, let’s get into it.

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Wordle Words Ending in Rge

5 Letter Words Ending in Rge

Here is a complete list of all the 5-letter words that end in rge:

  • Barge – A flat-bottomed craft able to float and drift on water.
  • Dirge – A mournful poem or piece of music composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person (n.) / The act of (audibly) expressing grief or sorrow (v.).
  • Cerge – Obsolete form of Cierge: A wax candle used in religious rites.
  • Forge – To create or construct something (v.) / Place where a blacksmith works (n.).
  • Gorge – A narrow valley between hills or mountains (n.) / To consume food, especially hungrily (v.).
  • Gurge – Obsolete term for to swallow up (v.) / Obsolete term for whirlpool (n.).
  • Large – The state of being great in size.
  • Marge – The furthest or most extreme point or limit of something.
  • Merge – To combine or blend together to form one substance or mass.
  • Norge – another name for Norway.
  • Parge – A coat of cement mortar on the face of rough masonry, the earth side of foundation and basement walls.
  • Purge – Eliminate someone or something, usually from a group.
  • Sarge – Another term for Sergeant, a military rank.
  • Serge – Overlock or merrow.
  • Surge – To increase, especially suddenly and powerfully.
  • Targe – A bad-tempered or aggressively assertive person.
  • Verge – An edge or border (n.) / To serve as a border of (v.).
  • Virge – Obsolete term for a wand.
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