WoW Clans of the Plains Answers

Now that Dragonflight is out in World of Warcraft, players are flocking to the new areas that have been added by this latest expansion pack. This comes with its own new mechanics and lore to immerse yourselves in. And what better way to make sure that you have been paying attention than a fun interactive quiz? Shortly after you arrive at Maruukai and meet all of the Clans of the Plains, Sansok Khan will present you with a quiz that is going to test you on your knowledge of these clans. To make sure that you get all of the WoW Clans of the Plains answers correctly, we’re going to provide the complete list of accurate results right here.

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WoW Clans of the Plains Answers
WoW Clans of the Plains Answers

WoW Dragonflight Clans of the Plains Questions and Answers

Let’s get right into the questions and answers themselves:

  • Question #1: “Which clan upholds our ancestors’ traditions and guides the Maruuk according to their ways?” The correct answer: Clan Teerai.
  • Question #2: “Which clan is made up of centaur from across the plains who have honed a special connection to our god, Ohn’ahra?” The correct answer: Clan Ohn’ir.
  • Question #3: “Which clan is the newest to rise to power and maintains the largest standing military force?” The correct answer: Clan Nokhud.
  • Question #4: “Which clan specializes in honing their skills and hunting game across the plains?” The correct answer: Clan Shikaar.

Once you get all four answers correct, you’ll then be able to get your reward. You can pick one out of the following four prizes: Nokhud Choker, Shikaar Chain, Teerai Locket, and Ohn’ir Pendant. Pick the one you like best, and don’t worry – there are no consequences for choosing one item over another here. Personally, we’d go with the Shikaar Chain, since it has the highest trade value out of all of these.

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