WoW TBC Sunwell Release Date & Time

The WoW TBC Sunwell release date and time is almost upon us, as is the launch of the WoW TBC Sunwell Plateau raid. The arrival of any new content is always a reason to celebrate, even if it is nostalgic content for WoW Classic. Besides, the Sunwell Plateau raid was a pretty popular activity back in its time, so it’s probably gonna be very warmly received. That said, let’s find out when you can start playing it.

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wow tbc sunwell release date & time
WoW TBC Sunwell Release Date & Time

WoW Classic TBC Sunwell Plateau Release Date and Time

The release date and time of the WoW Classic TBC Sunwell Plateau Raid is May 12th, 2022 at 3 PM PDT / 6 PM EDT / 11 PM BST / 12 AM CEST on May 13th. So, basically, from that point and to the east, the release date is actually May 13th; you can figure out at what time it will being in your region on your own from here. This info comes from the official announcement post, so straight from the horse’s mouth. That said, the update itself is actually coming out on May 10th, 2022, so you’ll have a bit of time to just run around and explore before it’s time for raiding. Just to kinda suss out the vibe, see what this Quel’Danas place is all about. Or, if you’ve played it before, to get reacquainted with the locale.

So, that’s the release date and time of the WoW Classic TBC Sunwell Plateau raid and the Fury of the Sunwell content update. As for what you can expect from the raid, twenty-five players will face off against six different bosses, including Kil’jaeden, one of the leader of the demonic Burning Legion. He was summoned to Azeroth by the blood elf prince Kael’thas, and your job is to stop the prince’s maniacal plot and restore Sunwell. Entering the instance won’t require attuning; all the bosses will be available from the start, unlike the original release. Do keep in mind that it’s a level 70 raid, though. Good luck down there!

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