XP Bonus Boards Locations Map Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels

The Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels DLC is here and it comes with a host of new accolades. More precisely, 28 of them. One of these new accolades is called “Soared and Board”, and it requires players to smash all XP Bonus Boards in the Hot Wheels Park. You will probably want to grab these Bonus Boards as soon as possible and that’s why we’ve created the XP bonus boards locations map in Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels. Read on to find all XP Bonus Boards locations in the Hot Wheels expansion.

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XP Bonus Boards locations map Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels

Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels XP Bonus Boards Locations Map

The new Hot Wheels map hides many secrets and bonuses for players to find and smash. Not only will you get plenty of XP for destroying these boards, but you will also progress through the Hot Wheels ranks by completing missions. Some missions require you to smash a certain amount of these bonus boards. For example, on Rookie Rank, you will have a minor mission called “Smashing” that will require you to smash a Bonus Board. On higher levels, you will have the “Can’t resist These” mission. There, you will need to smash 5 Bonus Boards.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons for smashing the bonus board in the Hot Wheels DLC. However, finding them can be a tricky thing to do. There are usually hidden off-road, behind some obstacles, around strange corners… You will definitely need to put in some work if you want to find them all on your own. But that’s a part of the excitement when you are exploring new content of the expansion!

However, some players don’t like to spend time searching and just want to collect their rewards. Maybe they are busy or you simply don’t enjoy that part of gameplay. And that’s perfectly fine, that’s why we’ve made this map of all XP Bonus Boards locations in Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels. It is not an interactive map, but we hope it helps!

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