Youtubers Life 2 Squid Ink Location

Anyone playing Youtubers Life 2 may have come upon a quest to find a squid ink location. This happens during the Boooat Time task. The aim is to repair an old boat, so Youtuber Crainer can take to the sea. This allows him to fix the stormy waves and return home. Read on as we give the squid ink location in Youtubers Life 2.

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Youtubers Life 2 Squid Ink Location
Youtubers Life 2 Squid Ink Location

The first step is to talk with Crainer. He will tell you about a portal that emerged in the sea and ask if you can get him a boat to investigate. He tells you about Captain Vain, a fisherman, who is repairing an old boat. The Captain will agree to lend you the boat, but the engine is sticky and needs lubricating. He needs some ingredients to get it moving, one of which is squid ink.

Where to Find Squid Ink Youtubers Life 2

Travel to the Kraken restaurant in the Port area. You can buy squid ink as a drink here. It should cost 60 coins. After this, take it back to The Captain. You will get his gratitude, but he will then also ask you to get him a line for the boat.

You have two options for the line. The first is to travel to the Kiwi store in the Downtown area. You will be able to ask the person at the counter for a hanger. Take this back to The Captain for use on the boat, thus completing the bulk of the quest. Other than this, you can head to the warehouse and search for a line there, though this is further away. The Captain will then go and fix the boat.

All you need to do is speak with Crainer once more. He will ask you to look after his fish, Floppy, while he is on the journey. Completing the quest will give you a “B-B-B-Boat time!” reaction and give you the Crainer Hoodie. the images above from Kitten FGs on Youtube can help.

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