House of Ashes Save Merwin

House of Ashes has many moral choices for you to make, and one of these is deciding if you should save Merwin. In the game, you take charge of five very different characters. Merwin can seem like a liability, and often holds you back at many points. This leaves you with the question of if you should keep him alive or save yourself. Read on as we discuss how to save Merwin in House of Ashes.

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House of Ashes Save Merwin
House of Ashes Save Merwin

Can You Save Merwin House of Ashes?

Unfortunately, no one can escape fate, and that is true of Merwin. The spoiler alert is that he is going to die, it is just a matter of when. If you can manage to keep him alive until the chapter titled “The Signal” then you will get the “So You’re My Technician” achievement.

One of the first choices you must make about his future is when you are chased by the monster early in the game. Here, you have the option to hold his mouth shut to keep him quiet. This causes Nick to kill him. Don’t take this option if you want to keep Merwin alive.

After this and later in the game, you will have to choose between two paths at a fork in the road. Jason and Nick should be bringing Merwin to safety here. One path is a riskier route and one safer. Taking the safer path will involve completing a heartbeat section. It is the one that keeps Merwin alive for now.

Merwin comes back to life a little further on. It will be at the time that Rachel appears back on the radio. Merwin himself actually gives you the choice here. He explains how he is holding you back and that he can hold the monster off. It is your choice but telling him to come with you will keep him going for the time being.

You will soon get to the chapter title “The Signal”. Merwin will be moving around and will even fix the radio for you. It will not be long after that he dies.

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