GW2 Meta Events - Maws of Torment, Path to Ascension, Serpent's Ire

Meta events in Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire are optional events that you can take part in. These include Maws of Torment, The Path to Ascension, and Serpent’s Ire. Each of the events requires you to go to a different corner of the map, and complete various objectives. Our article on Path of Fire Meta Events – Maws of Torment, Path to Ascension, Serpent’s Ire should shed some more light on the subject.

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GW 2 Meta Events - Maw of Torment, Path to Ascension, Serpent's Ire
GW2 Meta Events – Maws of Torment, Path to Ascension, Serpent’s Ire

Maws of Torment in GW2: Path of Fire

The Maws of Torment meta event can be started in the Ruptured Heart. That is an area of The Desolation section of the map. There are Forged realm portals opening around the Ruptured Heart. At the start, you’ll have to patrol the Mouth of Torment with Redeemer Kossan. You’ll also have to capture Annealed Abominations. There are more steps you’ll have to survive through and complete. For the larger part, the event is divided into three lanes, and there’ll be a ton of stuff you’ll have to do. Of course, there’s loot waiting at the end.

How to Start The Path to Ascension Meta Event?

To start the Path of Ascension meta event, you’ll have to go to Elon Riverlands. Find the small village in the northwest of Ustulate Barrens. Find Follower Kaidenna, and you’ll be on your way. The goal revolves around opening and crossing through the portal to Augury Rock. It’s a bit of an escort mission. Your job, for the most part, will be to keep Kaidenna alive. It’s not that difficult to do it, fortunately. There are several steps to the event, with the boss at the end. Your main enemies will be the Branded, including a Storm Elemental. The boss doesn’t have a lot to him. The main thing is summoning a Branded Guardian, which provides the boss with a shield. You’ll have to destroy the guardian to be able to keep killing the boss. The other thing he’s got is spawning evil clones of you. During the event, you can earn the Turai Ossa achievement.

Path of Fire Meta Event – Serpent’s Ire

Serpent’s Ire is a pretty difficult meta event. The main danger is the lighting constantly hitting everywhere. You have to find some method of shielding yourself from it. You can find the Serpent’s Ire in the Domain of Vabbi area, south of the Resplendent Trace region. The first step in the event is defeating five champions defending The Brand. We haven’t completed the event yet, but we’ll update the guide when we do.
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