GTA Online Secret Alien Egg Mission - How to Start & Complete

GTA Online Secret Alien Egg Mission is a hidden Easter egg in the game. It was added to the game in the Gunrunning Update. Triggering the mission can be pretty difficult, since it requires you to grind out several hundred supply runs. Even then, you might not get it immediately. We hope that our guide on how to begin and complete GTA Online hidden Alien Egg supply mission will help you out.

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GTA Online Secret Alien Egg Mission - How to Start & Complete
GTA Online Secret Alien Egg Mission – How to Start & Complete

How to Trigger Secret Alien Mission in GTA Online?

You’ll have to grind out supply runs from your bunker in order to trigger the Secret Alien Egg Supply Mission. You can only activate it if you have the Gunrunning Update installed. So, here’s the process. You’ll have to do a minimum of 600 resupply missions. The game doesn’t give you any means of tracking how many runs you’ve already done, so you’ll have to do it manually. After you grind them out, you have to begin a new resupply mission. The time has to be between 9 PM and 11 PM. Unfortunately, that still doesn’t mean that you’ll get the mission. From there on, it’s random. Keep doing supply runs until the mission starts.

Completing Hidden Alien Egg Supply

You’ll know that the Alien Egg Supply Mission has started once you run into the crashed UFO. The scene is pretty unsettling. There’s a ton of army and police vehicles circling the flying saucer, as well as dead bodies lying around. What you’re looking for is the alien egg, standing right next to the UFO. Once you pick it up, several aliens will pop up, so be prepared to clear them out. When they’re gone, all you have to do is drive back to the bunker and complete the supply run. Because, that’s what you want in your secret bunker, right? An alien egg? That’s always a smart decision.

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