Guild Wars 2 New Sunqua Peak Dungeon Now Live

As the developers of Guild Wars 2 announced a little while ago, there’s a new dungeon live in the game. It’s name is Sunqua Peak, and you’ll find it in Cantha. The dungeon is a really cool and gorgeous-looking place, as revealed in the trailer. Hidden behind the beauty, however, is something deeply tragic that has thrown the area into chaos. The elemental spirits that live there need your help to cleanse their home.

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guild wars 2 new sunqua peak dungeon now live
Guild Wars 2 New Sunqua Peak Dungeon Now Live

Yes, the new Fractal of the Mists is now available for all intrepid adventures of Guild Wars 2. Dessa has sensed another echo in its depths, and it will take a team of powerful heroes to discover its secrets. The dungeon, called Sunqua Peak, is in Cantha, and something is definitely wrong there. You can see what I mean in the trailer below. As the video’s description puts it: “Sunqua Peak should be a peaceful place – suspended in a storm-lit sky, with beautiful stonework and flowering trees to mark the path up the mountainside. But something here is wounded, and the elemental spirits need your help to heal their home.”

Now, if you want more info on Sunqua Peak, you can check out the post on the official Guild Wars 2 website. However, I do recommend staying away from it if you want to go into the dungeon blind. In fact, even the trailer tips its hand a little too much. However, it does show off the beauty and peril of Sunqua Peak quite well. The dense foliage and the floating masonry are wonderful to behold. Even the dangerous, magical fauna compliments the look and feel of the dungeon perfectly. The weather adds a layer of sorrow, which, of course, underlines the mysterious tragedy that has caused all this upheaval. It’s up to you to find out what happened.

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