Twin Mirror Release Date Announced

Twin Mirror, the new game from DONTNOD, now has a release date, and a freshly squeezed gameplay trailer to accompany it. The studio responsible for Life is Strange and Vampyr is hard at work on their new game, a psychological thriller about a journalist with an actual place in his head that turns out not to be as helpful and welcoming as he first thought it to be.

twin mirror release date
Twin Mirror Release Date Announced

So yeah, uh. Sam Higgs used to be an investigative journalist, and the job allowed him to develop “multiple anaylitical skills”. These skills are represented by the Mind Palace, an actual place that seems to exist inside his head. An actual place. In his head.

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The story follows Sam as he returns to the quiet, little town he grew up in, to attend his best friend’s funeral. But like all small towns in the US, at least according to pop-culture, Basswood has Dark Secrets. Sam will use his HeadSpaceTM to try to uncover the truth, but also reconnect with family, if he can figure out who he can trust.

He slowly discovers that the Cabin in his Noggin isn’t all that helpful and friendly, but thankfully, the Double is there. It’s a character only Sam can see, who will guide him through social interactions. Reading the press release for the fourth time, I still can’t tell whether this is sci-fi or if Sam has serious mental health issues.

Twin Mirror will be released on December 1st, and you’ll be able to buy it on Xbox, PS4 and PC. If you’re eyeing the PC version, it’s already available on the Epic Games Store, and if you preorder it, you’ll get the soundtrack as well. It’ll be an EGS exclusive for one year after release – when the time is up, it’ll appear on other storefronts as well.

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