GW2 Path of Fire Errors, Problems & Known Issues

Path of Fire is the latest expansion for Guild Wars 2. It launched today, and as it usually happens, things aren’t as rosy as everyone would like them to be. While most players are enjoying the new areas and quests just fine, a number of people are having trouble. Posts are cropping up all over reddit and the game’s forums, listing various GW2 Path of Fire errors, problems and known issues.

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guild wars 2 path of fire errors problems known issues
GW2 Path of Fire Errors, Problems & Known Issues

Path of Fire download stuck at 76%

The servers are currently overwhelmed, so downloading the expansion might take a while. Most of the people who’ve shared their woes have gotten stuck at 76%. Some claim restarting the client helped, others just waited it out.

Max level boost not showing up

Everyone who preordered the expansion was supposed to get a level 80 boost, which can be used to bring one character up to max level. However, there are reports of it not showing up. There’s nothing you can do about this, except contacting support.

Logged out after Forged Machine boss

Some players are complaining about being kicked out to the character selection screen after defeating the Forged Machine boss in the Night of Fires. After going back in, the game didn’t recognize the fact they actually killed the boss, making them do it again. If this happens to you, try exiting the game fully, restarting the client and then the game before you try again.

Path of Fire network errors

A considerable number of people are getting kicked out of the game due to network errors. There’s no getting around these – you’ll just have to wait for the servers to stabilize. The most widespread ones seem to be:
  • Code=7:0:0:1026:101
  • Code=1083:5:7:1596:101
  • Code=7:11:3:191:101

InstanceCreate failed. Error=1036; Product=9; Module=18; Line=624

If the game is crashing and giving you messages like the one above, know that you’re not alone. The developers have issued a statement saying they’re aware of the problem, and they’re investigating it. Your best bet would be to give it a few hours before trying again. Some people claim running the 32bit version of the game helped them, but your mileage may vary. You can also try deleting the cache or local.dat.

Clear the game cache
  • Close your game completely.
  • Ensure your game is set to Run As Administrator in the shortcut’s Properties > Compatibility tab.
  • Hold your “Windows Key” and press “F” to open Windows Search on your computer.
  • Search for “gw2cache”
  • It will find a folder called “gw2cache-{bunch-of-letters-and-numbers}” at: “C:\Users\YourComputerUserName\AppData\Local\Temp”
  • Delete this “gw2cache-{bunch-of-letters-and-numbers}” folder that is shown in the results.
  • Load up your game normally and your TP should now function properly
Delete local.dat
Local.dat is located at %appdata%/Guild Wars 2/Local.dat and another may be found at Documents/Guild Wars 2/Local.dat. Sometime GW2 is being blocked from writing to it. You can delete the folder, or ensure that the folder hasn’t been set to read-only and that GW2 has permission to access and write to that folder.

Cannot go back to Amnoon

Multiple players have reported being unable to return to Amnoon after the game crashes and loads them back to where they were before. No waypoints show up on the map, so they can’t return there. The issue can be circumvented by teleporting to a friend who’s in the area already – this won’t allow you to continue on with the quests, but it will let you roam the zone.

Raptor causing disconnecting & bugs

The raptor mount seems to be at the heart of some of the issues. People have reported getting booted from the game after mounting it for the first time, as well as being unable to log back in. Others have noticed it’s causing graphical bugs, like distorting character models and messing with animations.

GW2 API not working

The API has been disabled due to the wealth of bugs currently on display. This means none of your third-party apps, add-ons and favorite sites that rely on it will work for the time being. Hopefully it gets fixed in the next couple of days.
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