GW2 Raptor Mount - How to Unlock in Path of Fire

Raptor is the first mount you can get in GW2 Path of Fire. It’s a dinosaur that has the ability to lunge, helping you jump across large gaps. Once you’ve unlocked it, you can spend mastery points to improve its abilities, making it even more valuable. First you’ll need to get one, though. This guide is going to show you how to unlock Raptor mount in GW2 Path of Fire.

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gw2 raptor mount path of fire
GW2 Raptor Mount – How to Unlock in Path of Fire

How to get first mount in Path of Fire

You can’t miss the raptor. It can be obtained as part of the main quest, after the prologue. At one point, you’ll have to rescue raptors from the burning village. Once you’ve helped the trapped animals and villagers, and extinguished the flames across the village, go talk to Aksim. He’ll give you your very own Raptor.

Raptor masteries & abilities

The raptor can jump long distances and damage enemies using a tail spin. If you invest into it, it can become quite a combatant, but also increase the leap distance.
  • Ravenous Strike – Increases tail spin damage.
  • Round Up – Tail spin pulls in enemies, making them group around you.
  • Canyon Jumping – Greatly increases leap distance.
  • Ravenous Discipline – Applies Ravenous Strike bonus to all mount engage skills.
After you’ve obtained the raptor, you can go about collecting most of the Crystal Oasis mastery points. Some of them do require the use of other mounts, but most are accessible with nothing but the raptor. Getting them will allow you to unlock new skills for your first mount, which will eventually lead to unlocking your second – the springer. The springer will then allow you to get even more mastery points, letting you slowly set your sights on the skimmer, and later the jackal. It’s all connected in a pretty nice way.
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