Gwent Challenger Tournament Happening December 16-17

The next leg of the Gwent tournaments, December 2017 Challenger, has been announced. The competition will take place this weekend, from Saturday, December 16th, to Sunday, December 17th. Eight players will fight for a piece of the $100.00 prize pool. The winner will also get to compete in the Gwent World Masters tournament. People that tune in to watch the December 2017 Challenger will earn different Twitch drops, including Card Kegs, the winner’s favorite card, and more.

Gwent Challenger Tournament Happening December 16-17
Gwent Challenger Tournament Happening December 16-17

CD Projekt Red has announced the next Gwent tournament: December 2017 Challenger. Eight of the best players from the Gwent esports series will be battling for a portion of the $100.000 prize pool. The ultimate prize, though, is the winner’s ring, and the chance to get into the grand finale of the Gwent tournaments. Said finale is the Gwent World Masters competition, which will take place some time in 2019. Of course, the whole December 2017 Challenger will be broadcast live on the official CD Projekt Red Twitch channel.

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The contestants we’ll be watching are Lifecoach, Shaggy, J0rah, Freddybabes, TailBot, GameKingAT, Adzikov, and kolemoen. Matthew Mercer and Marisha Ray of Critical Role will be hosting the event. On the commentator desk, we’ll get to see several Gwent pros: Dane “McBeard” McBurnie, Connagh “Merchant” Hawkins, David “ImpetuousPanda” Gil Nolskog, and Miguel “MegaMogwai” Guerrero León. Sean “Swim” Huguenard will also be on the team, as the tournament’s analyst.

Here’s the schedule of the tournament. The quarterfinals will take place on Saturday, December 16th. The semifinals and finals will be happening on Sunday, December 17th. If you watch the livestream on Twitch (and you’ve linked your GOG and Twitch accounts), you can earn various Twitch drops. These drops include Card Kegs, a special player title, and the winner’s favorite card. In case you needed an additional incentive to tune in, that should about do it.

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