Gwent Closed Beta Keys - When Will They Be Sent?

Gwent Beta keys are something every Gwent fan is eagerly waiting for. Many have applied for the closed Beta as soon as they could.
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With the game launch only a day away, players are wondering when their keys will be arriving. We’re here to answer some of these questions.

When Will Gwent Beta Keys Be Sent?

When will they send me my key?

Gwent fans worldwide have been anxious for their closed Beta keys. Some of them have even applied via several different email accounts. Team GWENT will be sending the keys on the day of the Beta launch, October 25th, at 7 pm. You will receive instructions on how to download the game and everything else you need with the key. Keep in mind, they will be sending out the keys in waves. If you don’t receive your key right away, don’t panic. You might still get it in one of the future waves. Fingers crossed.

How do I know if I’m chosen?

The selection process of players receiving a key is completely random. This is why some fans registered via more accounts. A select number of players have received an email telling them when the keys will be sent out. Whether or not this means that they have been confirmed remains to be seen. Unfortunately, the only way to know for sure is to wait patiently for your key. Pay attention to your email folders. The key might get sent to Promotions or Spam, so check everything thoroughly.

Can I still apply for the Beta?

Some fans are probably wondering if it’s too late to apply now. Luckily, it isn’t. In fact, you can apply for a key even after the beta drops. Tune in for the Gwent Beta pre-launch live stream for more information about the Beta itself and all the goodies that are coming our way.

To ease your nerves while we wait, check out our Gwent card database for more information on the cards.

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