Gwent Closed Beta Registrations Ending This Weekend

Players that want to sign up for the Gwent Closed Beta are running out of time – the registrations end as of this weekend. While that seems like bad news, it actually isn’t. This is a first step towards Gwent entering the Open Beta phase. Of course, those that redeem their invitations before or during the weekend will get to keep playing the game.

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Gwent Closed Beta Registrations Ending This Weekend
Gwent Closed Beta Registrations Ending This Weekend

The Gwent Closed Beta is entering its final phase, it seems. The official Gwent website has announced that the registrations for the Beta are ending this weekend. Players that redeem their code before and during the weekend will get to play, but that’s it. For know, you can still sign up, but you should hurry up.

However, this is actually some pretty exciting news. The closing of the Gwent Closed Beta registrations is a “part of the preparations for the open phase of GWENT’s beta”. Benjamin Lee, Development Director at CD Projekt Red, had this to say:

Throughout Closed Beta, we’ve reworked and added a huge amount of features and mechanics to GWENT. Balance changes, numerous tweaks of how cards work and how the game flows; additional cards, a new faction and ranked play — it was an amazing ride and GWENT’s community was with us all the way. I’d like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for the hours invested.

In other Gwent news, this weekend is also when the Gwent Challenger tournament finals will happen. The event starts at 3 PM CEST on March 13th, and it pits four professional players (Jeffrey “Trump” Shih, Adrian “Lifecoach” Koy, Peter “ppd” Dager, and Kacem “Noxious” Khilaji against four winners of the Gwent Challenger community qualifiers (Vishra, Fion56, Oikumena, ProNeo). They’ll be competing for a $100.000 prize pool, distributed between the first three places. The event will be streamed live on the CD Projekt Red Twitch channel.

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