Gwent First Faction Challenge Now Live - Skellige vs Northern Realms

The first Gwent Faction Challenge is now available for players willing to participate. There will be more events to come, with different factions at war. This time, it’s Northern Realms against Skellige. All it takes is to have more wins with your faction of choice than the opposition. Those supporting the winning faction will get a Premium Card, while the losing side will get 100 Meteorite Powder each.

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Gwent Faction Challenges Now Live - Skellige vs Northern Realms
Gwent First Faction Challenge Now Live – Skellige vs Northern Realms

Team GWENT has added a brand new type of event to the game. According to the announcement, this will be the first of a new and exciting series of events that puts you, the community, in the center of the action.” Basically, two factions will be at war, you pick your favorite, and try to have more wins than the other faction over the course of a week. Supporters of the winning faction will get a Premium Card as a reward. The losing faction will get 100 Meteorite Powder each as a consolation prize.

The first Faction Challenge is Skellige vs Northern Realms. Here’s a summary of how it’s going to go down. If you have more wins with Skellige over Northern Realms, you’re a Skellige supporter. On the flip side, if you have more wins with Northern Realms, you’re going to be counted as their supporter. Of course, you can still play as one of the factions that aren’t a part of the challenge. However, the wins that you achieve with non-participating factions won’t count towards your Faction Challenge allegiance. If you’re on the winning side, you’ll get a Premium Card at the end of the event. If your faction of choice loses, you can still look forward to those 100 Meteorite Powder. You might not get a cool card, but you’ll be that much closer to crafting and transmuting one yourself.

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