Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Golden Chest Treasure Trove Locations

Golden chests are a kind of treasure trove in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. There aren’t many of them, and it’s important you try to find each and every one. They have a high chance of dropping a rare core crystal, or even several of them. They’ll help you unlock more rare blades, which should make the game easier. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Golden Chest Treasure Trove locations.

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xenoblade chronicles 2 golden chest treasure trove locations
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Golden Chest Treasure Trove Locations

Where to find Golden Chests in Xenoblade Chronicles 2?

One of these chests is hidden in Dawnview Grotto. It’s an area in the far west of the upper level right area in Gormott Province. It’s next to the lake at Twin Trunks Hill – in order to get there, you’ll have to climb atop one of the giant trees, then go through a cave behind the shack. Once you reach the overlook, look to your left. You’ll see the chest next to the cave entrance.

You can find another one at Pelza’s Suice. Travel to the Kingdom of Uraya, then go to the Stomach Area. The chest is south of the Cobalt Cliffs, by a lake with a stone dam. It’s to the right of the large gate in the stone wall. We we’re extremely lucky with this one – we got two rare cores.

We found one chest in the Leftherian Archipelago. It was in Rigitte Waters, on a small flaoating island east of Daram Isle, near the salvage point. You’ll need to ride the floating platform to it. Thanks to a tip from reader Curiousangel, we found another one in Gormott. To get it, you’ll first need to drain the toxic sewage infesting the farmland in the eastern part of the town. After that, teleport to the Torigoth Base Entrance, then head north past the hut. Jump down and look in the drained canal.

Yet another one back in Gormott, this one is in the middle of the Upper Level Right map, near the Traveller’s Resting Tree waypoint. Teleport there, then head west. Jump off the cliff, and turn around when you reach the bottom. You’ll see a cave in the cliff behind you – the chest will be inside (thanks Curiousangel).

This one is also hidden in Gromott Province. Make sure it’s high tide – if it isn’t go to the inn and wait it out. Travel to Outlook Knoll, a waypoint in the southwest of the Upper Level Right area. Jump off the cliff to the south, then turn north and swim. As you near the cliff, you’ll see a small patch of land with a golden chest on it (thanks to Trademark for the info).

Thanks to GMan!, we now know the locations of another chest in the Kingdom of Uyama. Teleport to the Tardy Gate waypoint in the Stomach area, then go southeast. You need to get into Badfella’s Cave Fort, which is full of level 78-79 enemies. The chest is in the back, next to the throne of Demon King Gilbert, guarded by his band of baddies.

We found a golden chest containing a legendary core in the Olethro Playhouse. It’s a theater in the Olethro Ruins, an area within the Kingdom of Uraya. There’s a view of the Titan’s tail from there. Once you’re in the theater, climb up the stairs all the way to the isolated throne. You’ll find the chest behind it, but you’ll need level 3 lockpicking to open it.

We’re going to update this guide with more locations as we discover them. If you find a chest we’re missing, feel free to share the location in the comments.

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