Gwent Kill The Servers 2 Scoia'tael Deck

Gwent’s Kill The Servers 2 event has come and gone, and left us wanting more. Team GWENT knew exactly what to give us and what to keep hidden.
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The store is still locked, and players still can’t build their own decks. What we did get, however, was more than promising. The game already boasts a lot of versatility in gameplay for such an early build. All of the four pre-made decks can suit several different play styles and strategies. This is one of those decks.

Gwent Scoia'tael Deck Kill The Servers 2

The Scoia’tael Deck

The Scoia’tael are Elves and Dwarves rebelling against the discrimination of nonhumans. The deck has 17 different cards. The deck has a total of 25 cards. Their special ability is choosing who gets to go first at the start of one round per match.

Leader Card
The Leader Card of the Scoia’tael deck in Kill The Servers 2 was Brouver Hoog.

Event Cards Bronze Cards Silver Cards Gold Cards
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