Gwent Masters Official Tournament Series Announced

Like any competitive multiplayer game in 2017, Gwent wants to be a proper esport when it grows up. Supportive parents that they are, CDProjekt Red have announced a series of official tournaments to help their latest brainchild fullfill its dreams. It’s called Gwent Masters, and it’s going to start on September 1st. There’s even a video to explain the nitty-gritty, in case you’re young and can’t be bothered to read.

gwent masters tournament series announced
Gwent Masters Official Tournament Series Announced

On September 1st, the first season of pro ladder is set to begin. It’s going to be a separate game mode from ranked competitive, and your success will be measured in crown points. You’ll get them if you place in the top 200 players in the category. The video suggests you’ll have to use different decks and factions a lot, but it’s unclear how the game will enforce this. It’s a good rule, on paper at least – it should stop people from milking the meta.

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The first tier of tournaments is called Gwent Open. Eight of these are suppoosed to take place during the series, one of which is the Gamescom tournament we mentioned earlier. In order to get in, you’ll have to end up in the top eight during the pro ladder season. You’ll then be competing for a piece of the $25,000 prize pool and entry into the next Gwent Challenger tournament.

The Challenger events will take place every two pro ladder seasons, and will feature eight players each – the previous Challenger winner, four Open finalists, two crown point hamsters and two “wildcard players”. The wildcard players will be hand picked and invited by CDP Red. The prize pool will be $100,000, and the winner will get a fancy ring as well.

The final tier is the Gwent World Masters, where the prize pool goes up to $250,000. To get in you’ll have to either be a Challenger winner (five spots) or the owner of one of the biggest crown point scores in the world (seven spots)

And now a bit about the rules. The games will be single elimination, and you’ll have to build four decks from different factions before the tournament starts. Before each game, the players will get to ban one deck of their opponent’s each. When you win a match, the winning deck will be discarded for the rest of the tournament.

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