Gwent Midwinter Update Overview Promises Big Changes

Team GWENT of CD Projekt Red are cooking up a storm for this winter. They’re preparing some pretty large changes to The Witcher Card Game, which will very likely change the face of the game significantly. Many players will have to rethink their strategies completely, maybe even rebuild some of their decks from the ground up. It says something that one hundred new cards seems to be the lesser part of the upcoming changes.

Gwent Midwinter Update Overview Promises Big Changes Coming
Gwent Midwinter Update Overview Promises Big Changes Coming

That being said, a hundred new cards is nothing to sniff at. There’ll be a ton of new stuff to experiment with, new card synergies to discover, etc. Aside from the cards, though, there’s several huge gameplay technology changes. The first major difference is that the game will have a limit of 9 cards per row. So, no more ridiculous spawning of tens of units. This will also make the board much more legible and easier to handle, for players and designers both. Another thing that’s getting an overhaul is the abilities system and how the abilities trigger. The order of triggering will change to “from left to right; melee, ranged, siege”. Again, this will make things much easier for everybody.

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Another important feature will be the ability to cancel playing a card, even if you’ve placed it on the board. You can just return it to the deck and play another card, and the opponent won’t see the card. Also, the plan is to join the Collection and Deck Builder menus, removing the necessity of jumping from menu to menu. You’ll be able to craft cards and immediately place it into your deck. The matchmaking menu will also be a bit different. When you select a deck, you’ll get to see all the cards that are in said deck. Even the mulligan screen will get an overhaul. Instead of the usual carousel, you’ll see all of the cards in your hand in a much neater menu. Same goes for the Graveyard.

Gwent will also introduce Daily Quests to the game, allowing you to earn different stuff for completing them. The idea is to make you step out of your comfort zone, by nudging you into playing as different factions, etc. Last, but certainly not least, Shupe, our beloved troll shopkeeper. He’ll have some kind of special offer this holiday season, so, keep your eyes peeled for that!

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