Destiny 2 Three of Coins & Fated Engram Not Working Properly

Three of Coins and Fated Engram are new items that Guardians can purchase from Xur in Destiny 2. The former is supposed to increase chances of an Exotic Engram drops. The Fated Engram’s whole thing is that it should drop an exotic you don’t already have. Unfortunately, neither item works as intended. As a result, the fans are furious. Bungie is working on fixing both issues, but it’ll likely take a while. Until then, both the Fated Engram and Three of Coins are completely useless.

Destiny 2 Three of Coins & Fated Engram Not Working Properly
Destiny 2 Three of Coins & Fated Engram Not Working Properly

Bungie have found themselves under fire from the Destiny 2 player base again. This time around, it’s because of the two new items that you can pick up from Xur: Three of Coins and Fated Engram. The point of both items is to increase player’s chances to find a piece of exotic gear that they don’t already have. Needless to say, neither of them work properly, and Guardians are justifiably angry.

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First up, the Three of Coins. This is a consumable, which is supposed to give you an increased chance of getting an Exotic Engram from different activities that normally drop them. Bungie didn’t explain how it works, but Guardians bought it anyway, and started experimenting. The results of the experiments, like the one done by Brknsymtry, show that the Three of Coins doesn’t work at all. Bungie chimed in, explaining that it’s supposed to increase your chances by 50%, but that it, indeed, doesn’t work. They’ll prepare a hotfix to remove the bug, but it won’t come out before early 2018. Until then, Three of Coins is worthless.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, enter Fated Engram. The whole purpose of this engram is that it gives you an exotic weapon or piece of armor that you don’t already own. So, no dupes, guaranteed. That doesn’t work, either. As Polygon pointed out, a number of Guardians is complaining that they got dupes from Fated Engrams. This is especially frustrating because the Fated Engram is really, really expensive. So, imagine the scenario. You sink the Legendary Shards, expecting that you’ll get something that you don’t have. You decrypt the engram, and you get a dupe. It’s incredibly frustrating, and quite a significant oversight. Hopefully, Bungie will fix these issues fast. The trust of the player base is already showing cracks, they really don’t need any more.

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