Gwent Nilfgaard Faction Update Announcement & Details

Although the game is still in closed beta, Gwent is getting a constant stream of updates and fixes. Fans of Gwent: The Witcher Card Game finally got a glimpse of Nilfgaard, the fifth and final faction in the game. Nilfgaard mainly revolves around controlling the battlefield and revealing the opponent’s cards. The faction is coming to the game in a patch scheduled for February 6th.

Gwent Nilfgaard Faction Update Announcement & Details
Gwent Nilfgaard Faction Update Announcement & Details

The previous update to Gwent brought a complete overhaul. It rebalanced many cards and added a myriad of new ones, completely changing how the game works. Now, however, it seems it’s time for another huge addition to the game, one that fans have been awaiting since the beta started. We’re finally going to get to see Nilfgaard as a faction in Gwent.

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By the looks of it, Nilfgaard is going to be a ton of fun to play, though very challenging. Their strategies revolve mainly around causing chaos on the opponent’s side of the board and taking over control. For example, they can reveal cards in the opponent’s hand, with some Nilfgaard units gaining strength when you reveal cards. They also have the ability to shuffle their own and the opponent’s deck. Finally, they have a host of disloyal cards that cause all kinds of havoc on the battlefield.

My favorite card might be Fake Ciri. This card goes to your opponent and gains strength with each turn. However, if your opponent passes the round, she goes right back to your side. Nilfgaard is very complex and requires a whole new level of bluffing and deviousness. I don’t know if I’ll be any good at it, but I’m certainly going to give them a go.

Along with the new faction, we’ll get even more faction-specific cards for other factions, as well as neutral ones. The total of new cards will be over sixty.

Nilfgaard will become available in a patch coming out on February 6th. Since it’s very strong, I’m sure it’ll get nerfed eventually. Until then, however, players will have the opportunity to be complete bastards to each other.

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