Gwent Novigrad Expansion Now Has a Release Date

It’s easy to forget amid all the hyperventilating over Cyberpunk 2077 that everyone’s favorite tiny indie studio is also working on another game. Gwent, the card game that spun off from 2015’s most underrated gem, is getting another expansion near the end of the month. It’s called Novigrad, and the devs have published a lengthy blog post with a bunch of deets. There’s also a trailer, if you’re into that kind of thing.

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gwent novigrad expansion
Gwent Novigrad Expansion Now Has a Release Date

The biggest addition coming in the Novigrad DLC is going to be the Syndicate faction. They’re a bunch of hardened criminals – all of the major crime groups of the city operating under one banner. They’re going to have 5 leaders and about 90 cards in total, some of which will be usable in other decks.

Their unique mechanic is money. Cards with the Profit perk will grant you a certain number of crowns when you play them. You’ll then be able to use those crowns to activate Fee perks. The example they used was a card which adds 4 crowns and has the ability to summon another minion for 2. Another way to earn money is putting bounties on enemy units – when you destroy said unit, you get the coin.

They also have special cards called Crimes. They work in cohesion with the Intimidate perk, which increases a unit’s power every time you commit a crime. Some units have the Hoard perk, which allows you to pay even more than you would with a Fee and make them even stronger. Then there’s the Insanity perk, which allows you to play the card even if you can’t afford the fee, but sacrifices the unit’s health instead.

There’s a whole bunch of new stuff, which is what you’d except from a new faction. If you want all the details, check out the blog post itself. If you just want to get your hands on the expansion, you’ll have to wait until June 28th.

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