Gwent Ranking & Ranked Matches - How It Works

The latest update to GWENT: The Witcher Card Game (patch 0.8.33) has added some of the biggest changes to the game. It has added multiple new cards and tweaked a lot of details. However, possibly the most interesting of them all is the addition of Ranked Matches and Ranking in Gwent.

This is a competitive game mode that earns you points and places you on the worldwide leaderboard. The higher your rank at the end of a given time period, the better rewards you receive. Here’s how Gwent Ranking works.

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Gwent Ranking & Ranked Matches - How It Works
Gwent Ranking & Ranked Matches – How It Works

Ranked Play in Gwent

In order to participate in Ranked matches, you need to reach level 10. Once there, you’ll be able to choose between Casual and Ranked play. The difference, of course, is that winning Ranked matches earns you rating points.

Your rating points determine two things: your player rating and your rank. The player rating is your rating total that places you on the Gwent worldwide leaderboard. The rank is pretty much another leveling system. Currently, there are 15 ranks in the game, with 15 being the highest.

The came will calculate your starting rank and rating based on how well you played prior to unlocking Ranked mode. Players will receive rewards for every rank they earn, as well as for ranking highest in a season. Rewards range between Card Scraps, Ore, Cards and more. High ranks, naturally, net better prizes.

Losing Ranked matches will reduce your player rating (and your leaderboard placement), but not your overall rank. Here’s an explanation directly from CD Projekt Red:

“Let’s say you are currently rank 5. Even if you lose enough games for your rating points to fall below the threshold required to gain rank 5, you will not drop below rank 5 until the end of the season.”

This makes sense, considering that you only receive ranking rewards once. Losing ranks on top of rating would make the whole system very confusing and complicated.

To find out more about the full update, check out our Gwent The Witcher Card Game Patch 0.8.33 Changelog article.

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