Gwent Expansion Master Mirror, Brings 89 New Cards, Lands On June 30

While not the most popular card game around, Gwent is still alive and kicking. The game will receive a new expansion at the end of the month titled Mater Mirror. As the name suggests, the expansion will revolve around Gaunter O’Dimm also known as Master Mirror and Man of Glass.

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The expansion features 89 new cards. Each faction will receive a number of new cards and there’s also a selection of neutral cards that can be used in any deck. At the moment, only a handful of cards are shown with new ones being revealed on a daily basis in the upcoming weeks. You can follow the card reveals on the Card Reveal page found on the Gwent website.

New Gwent Expansion Features New Mechanics, Evolving Cards, And More

Gwent Master Mirror

Master Mirror will bring new mechanics to Gwent. Rupture, for instance, damages the affected unit by value equal to its power at the end of the turn. This is a temporary effect that lasts just one turn. Conspiracy increases a card’s ability when targeting a Spying unit. Veil shields units from harmful statuses or prevents them from gaining positive statues. Those are just a few new abilities shared at the moment. You can learn about others by visiting the Master Mirror page on the Gwent website.

The second big update are so-called “Evolving” cards. These cards will be included in all six factions. As for what they do, well, they evolve during the course of the battle. Nothing else is shared aside from vague explanation talking about card abilities can go stronger but also that players should “be wary — this power, it’s not yours alone to wield.” We can’t wait to find out how exactly evolving cards work.

The first batch of evolving cards, part of the Nilfgaard faction will be revealed on June 6, with other factions getting their evolving cards revealed soon. Master Mirror will land on June 30, and the expansion should arrive to all supported platforms at the same time. CD Projekt offers a couple of pre-order keg bundles that include 10 or 25 Master Mirror kegs along with other bonuses.