Project Cars 3 Introduces A Bunch Of New Features To The Series

In one of the most unexpected announcements of late, Slightly Mad Studios announced Project Cars 3. The game is set for the Summer 2020 release date so we shouldn’t wait long to check it out. According to the game’s webpage, Project Cars 3 will bring a bunch of new features and improvements over the previous two games in the series.

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The most important one, at least to us, is the “unrivaled controller experience.” The first game had godawfull controller support, to say the least. The second was a bit better but still, it was horrid compared to other games. For instance, even though Gran Turismo Sport is a sim game with a level of authenticity in line with Project Cars 2, GT Sport is light years ahead when it comes to playing the game with a controller. Fingers crossed for Project Cars 3 coming with at least decent controller support.

Project Cars Brings Tons Of New Cars, Performance Upgrades, And Much More

Project Cars 3

Project Cars 3 should arrive with more than 200 cars. They will be split into 10 different categories. We will be able to drive both race and road cars and they will all support performance upgrades. Players will earn XP and credits and will be able to buy new cars and upgrade the ones already owned.

The game will bring personalized driver avatars as well as custom liveries, something we have in games such as Forza Motorsport and Horizon. Car performance upgrades sound really interesting since previous games didn’t have those. We’ll see whether they will be as detailed as in Forza titles or simplified as in GT Sport.

The game looks like it’ll be much more friendly to newbies and casual players. Aside from the improved controller experience, Project Cars 3 will arrive with a bunch of assists for new players. As they improve their driving skill, they’ll be able to turn off assists one by one with the driving model being similar to other sim racers if you decide to play without assists. The first trailer does show some arcadey action. We hope that Slightly Mad won’t go too far. Something in the vein of the excellent NFS: Shift would be perfect.

Career is the main point of the game. It’ll span across over 140 tracks and will include racing across 10 different categories. Finally, the game will support VR support out of the box on PC and it’ll feature enhanced AI, dynamic weather racing, and stuff like daily challenges and improved crash effects. You can expect Project Cars 3 on the PC, Xbox One, and PS4 this summer. The exact release date isn’t shared but we will probably get it in the coming days or weeks.


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