Gwent Beta Update 0.8.37 Fixes Mardroeme Exploit, Server Errors

Another Gwent beta update has gone live today. Patch 0.8.37 fixes a bunch of issues, like server errors or a well known exploit that was being used by many to disrupt ranked play. The developers are working hard to keep the closed beta experience as balanced and fair as possible.

gwent update 0.8.37 exploit fix
Gwent Closed Beta 0.8.37

The exploit includes using Mardroeme after playing a Mutagen card and not choosing a target. This used to result in an auto-win. The people who’ve used this method to gain unfair advantage have already been banned, and the problem has been solved. Here’s what the devs had to say about it:

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This was not how we intended for the card to work and was something that required our immediate attention, because of the effect it was having on ranked play

The other big issues that is now fixed was desynchronization when either of the following happened:

If we were to guess, we’d presume these errors were a side effect of the fairly large December update. It has added a lot to the game, and it’s only natural for bugs to occur after such changes. Anything that affects ranked play negatively is bound to leave the community bitter, so it’s great to see the developers react to it so promptly. No detailed patch notes have been released, so we don’t know anything specific about the other fixes (if there are any). If CD Projekt Red decides to share the full list, we’ll be sure to update this page with the info.

Gwent is currently in closed beta – only those with an invitation can gain access. After the developers feel it’s ready, they’ll open up the floodgates and let everyone try it during the open beta. The final game will be free to play, so there’s no pressure to try it out as early as possible.

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