Halo Infinite Black Eye Skull Location

Like many modern video games, Halo Infinite Campaign is also full of things you can find and collect. That is, if you know where to look. While many collectibles in the game are “out in the open” and don’t require too much searching to find, some of them are pretty well hidden. The Black Eye Skull is one such collectible and finding it is by no means an easy task. Luckily, our Halo Infinite Black Eye Skull Location guide will show you exactly where it is, so that you don’t need to waste any more time looking for it.

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Halo Infinite Black Eye Skull Location

Where to Find Black Eye Skull Halo Infinite Campaign

To be able to get this Black Eye Skull, you will need to unlock the fourth landmass. This is done by playing the game and advancing the story, so it may take some time until you can get there. When you have uncovered this portion of the worldmap, travel to the lake which is between FOB Kilo and Riven Gate. Once you get here, you need to find the big waterfall. Approach it and scan for the skull. This will give you an approximate idea of where you need to aim your Grappleshot.

Getting this right can take a couple of tries until you find a good place to grapple onto. What you are looking for here is a ledge to the right side of the waterfall that you can stand on. All the water here can make navigation difficult, but through all the droplets of water, you will be able to make out a small opening. Crawl through it and you will enter a cavern and inside of it, you will find the Black Eye Skull. Its effect makes it so that your shields will only recharge when you hit enemies in melee.

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