Activate Skulls Halo Infinite

Figuring out how to activate Skulls in Halo Infinite can open a number of new dimensions of gameplay for you. As you’ve probably already figured out, the Skulls are not just a regular collectible; having them active can unlock all sorts of new things, from an increased blast radius and beyond. They can be a lot of fun, so we’ll explain how to use skulls in Halo Infinite in this guide.

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activate skulls halo infinite
Activate Skulls Halo Infinite

How to Activate Skulls Halo Infinite

To activate Skulls in Halo Infinite, you need to follow the same basic steps as you would to change the difficulty. Basically, go into the game’s main menu; if you’re currently playing, exit the campaign into the main menu. From there, opt to play the campaign, but don’t pick Continue. If you do, it’ll take you straight back where you left off, and that’s not what we want to do here. Instead, select Load Game and pick the save you want. In the next menu, select Skulls and check the ones you want to use. With all that done, just hit the Play button, and off you go. You can go through the same steps if you start a New Game instead and use Skulls.

That’s how you activate Skulls in Halo Infinite. It’s a little clunky, but nothing too difficult to grasp. You can get some really fun bonuses if you enable Skulls; some of them are actually useful, like increasing the radius of explosions, and then there are those that are just silly, such as the one that makes rare combat dialogue appear more often. So, if you have some, consider using them. And if you need help with anything else in Halo Infinite, feel free to check out some of our other guides. Among other stuff, we’ve written articles like Where to Find Black Eye Skull, Where is the Arbiter Easter Egg, and Ransom Keep Collectibles.

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