Halo Infinite Campaign Release Date & Time

The Halo Infinite campaign release date and time is upon us, and those of you that like single-player Halo are surely chomping at the bit to play as soon as you can. Well, that’ll depend entirely on which time zone you’re in, because it’ll launch globally at the same time. We’ll explain it all in a minute.

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halo infinite campaign release date & time
Halo Infinite Campaign Release Date & Time

Release Date & Time of Halo Infinite Campaign

The Halo Infinite campaign release date and time will depend somewhat on where you live. Basically, the game will come out at the same time all across the world, which means it’ll be in the middle of the afternoon for some people, while for others, it’ll be like five in the morning. It’s annoying, and I generally prefer gradual rollout launches, but oh well. Here are some of the launch dates and times for different time zones; you should be able to do your own math from there for your specific location.

  • 10 AM PT on December 8th
  • 1 PM ET on December 8th
  • 3 PM BRT on December 8th
  • 6 PM GMT on December 8th
  • 7 PM CET on December 8th
  • 2 AM CST on December 9th
  • 3 AM JST on December 9th
  • 5 AM AET on December 9th

So, that’s the release date and time of the Halo Infinite campaign in a bunch of different time zones. It’s gonna suck for those of you in East Asia and Australia, basically; Europe and the Americas are getting the best deal here. Whatever the case, I know all Halo fans across the world will be playing as soon as they can, and we’ll be here to cover the launch with our guides, so stay tuned. Also, quick reminder: the Halo Infinite campaign costs sixty dollars, and you have to purchase it separately from the multiplayer, which is free-to-play. If all you care about is the multiplayer, you can bypass the campaign completely.

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