Halo Infinite Ransom Keep Collectibles Audio Logs

Due to its open-world design, Halo Infinite Campaign has a lot of collectibles which are scattered all around the map and areas you will visit during the course of the game. These collectibles can be things such as Spartan Cores, Armor Lockers, and Audio Logs. While some of these are just for cosmetic and lore purposes, a dedicated player that wants to complete everything in the game will want to get them all. In this Halo Infinite Ransom Keep Collectibles Audio Logs guide, we will go over all the collectibles in Ransom Keep and where they are.

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Halo Infinite Ransom Keep Collectibles Audio Logs

Halo Infinite Ransom Keep Spartan Core

There is one Spartan Core in Ransom Keep. As you know, these are very important (arguably the most important) collectibles, since they are used to upgrade your suit abilities. So, you should always go after each one, as they make the game significantly easier when you have your abilities all maxed out. The Spart Core in Ransom Keep is on the southeastern part of the map, inside a storage yard, next to several boxes and crates.

Banished Audio Logs Halo Infinite Ransom Keep

There are two Banished Audio Logs in this location. The first of these – The Dream of Atriox – is in the southeast part of the silo yard. The second, Unnatural Defenses, is uncovered after you have destroyed the four silos. A building to the north will then open up and this audio log is inside it.

Halo Infinite Ransom Keep UNSC Audio Logs

Likewise, there are also two UNSC Audio Logs at Ransom Keep. The first of these, Making Ends Meet, can be found on top of a cliff to the south. Go up using the Grappleshot and you will find it on the ledge overlooking the area. The second UNSC Audio Log, To Andrew Valleros, is at the end of a long tunnel at the southern end of the map.

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