Halo Infinite Best Upgrades

Now that the Halo Infinite Campaign is finally out, players are full of questions about how to best build their character. The Campaign features five suit abilities that you can unlock and upgrade. You do this by finding and installing Spartan Cores. These abilities provide you with fun new ways to play the game. Though they mostly boil down to personal gaming style preferences, some of these are more useful than others. In this Halo Infinite Best Upgrades guide, we will take a look at which upgrades are must-haves.

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Halo Infinite Best Upgrades

Best Upgrades For Halo Infinite Campaign

The five suit abilities are: Grappleshot, Shield Core, Threat Sensor, Drop Wall, and Thruster. Let’s start with the Grappleshot. Regardless of playstyle, this is the ability we would recommend that every player make use of. This grappling hook allows you to reach areas you otherwise wouldn’t be able to, so it is necessary if you want to find all Skull collectibles in the game. Besides this, you can also use it to snatch guns from afar and to propel your character towards the enemy to finish them off in melee. If you invest more Spartan Cores in it, the Grappleshot will stun grappled enemies and later on damage them with an AoE blast.

Next, the Shield Core. This is a passive ability that increases your Shield, allowing you to receive more damage. It is only really useful on higher difficulties, so it isn’t something that we would mark as a top priority. The The Threat Sensor can detect hidden enemies. Again, this has its uses, but there are better Spartan Cores investments in the game. The Drop Wall is an interesting ability. It allows you to create energy shields in front of you, which block damage. You can use these in open areas, where cover is limited. The best part about it is that your shots can pass through this barrier, enabling you to shoot through it. Finally, the Thruster. Another mobility ability, when you use it, you will get a brief burst of speed. Great for evading sudden attacks.

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