Tower Skull Halo Infinite Collectibles, Spartan Cores, Armor Locker, Audio Logs

The Halo Infinite Tower collectibles – Skull, Spartan Cores, Armor Locker, Audio Logs are scattered inside, outside, and in the case of one of them, even on the titular Tower. Now, they’re all relatively well-hidden, but probably won’t evade any of you that comb through the area with some degree of care, but a few, like the skull, are nigh-impossible to spot. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to hopefully help you out.

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tower skull halo infinite collectibles spartan cores armor locker audio logs
Tower Skull Halo Infinite Collectibles, Spartan Cores, Armor Locker, Audio Logs

Halo Infinite Tower Skull Location

The Tower Skull collectibles location in Halo Infinite is at the very top of the structure. When you get to the roof, you’ll see another raised part, and that’s where you need to go. The skull is in the very center of this section, on a chest-like object among the array elements. The hard part here is carefully grappling your way to the top. The easiest way is to just fly over there once you get access to the air vehicles. Just so you know there is another option if you don’t feel like the idea of free-climbing, which really is difficult.

where to find skull tower collectible halo infinite
Skull location

The Tower Spartan Cores Halo Infinite

There are two Spartan Cores collectibles in The Tower in Halo Infinite. The first one is on the ground under the tower itself. Head north, to where the wall is, and check the two open shipping containers. The core is in the one on the right (with your back to the cliff wall); you’ll recognize it by the green emblem above it. As for the second Spartan Core, it’s in the structure itself. When you enter the tower through the center, head two floors up, then explore the floor you’re on while keeping your eyes to the center of the tower. Again, you’re looking for a green emblem above the crate.

Halo Infinite Tower Audio Logs

The first Audio Log collectible in The Tower in Halo Infinite is on ground level, in one of the corners under the tower, in a shipping crate. Check out the first image below to see where it is. That is the Banished audio log, by the way. The second, UNSC log, is inside the tower. Enter the building through the center and go right, then up the ramp on the left to the next floor. Go left and keep going down that path until you exit the first red-lit area. Check behind the first of two “pillars” on the right to find the log.

Armor Locker The Tower Halo Infinite

The Halo Infinite armor locker Tower collectible is on ground level, under the tower. If you head south by southwest, you’ll see that the cliff basically forms stairs. Go down them and keep your eyes to your right. You’ll spot the long crate with the green emblem above it relatively easily. Open it to get the Midnight Griffin MKVII Armor Coating cosmetic.

armor locker where to find halo infinite tower collectible
Armor locker location
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