Outpost Tremonius Red Buttons Halo Infinite Easter Egg

Outpost Tremonius is one of the first locations that you will visit in Halo Infinite Campaign. There are many things that you will be able to do on this map, but one of the most striking things about it are the red buttons that you can come across here. These Easter Egg buttons seem to serve some sort of purpose, but what is it? Our Outpost Tremonius Red Buttons Halo Infinite Easter Egg guide will not only tell you where these buttons are located, but also what will happen if you press all of them.

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Outpost Tremonius Red Buttons Halo Infinite Easter Egg

Where Are All the Easter Egg Red Buttons in Outpost Tremonius Halo Infinite Campaign

There are many collectibles you can find on Outpost Tremonius. The three red buttons, however, are not one of these. They serve a much different purpose. As soon as you walk out of the gate, turn right and walk back towards the pile of metal sticking out of the ground. The first button is there. Press it and you will see that it is no longer glowing. This means that it is now activated. Time for the other ones.

For the next two, you will need to make use of the Grappleshot, which is, in our humble opinion, the best suit upgrade. Go back from where you came. The second red button is atop the cliffside to the right. Use your grappling hook to get to a good position so that you can climb up it using careful positioning and grappling up towards it. Activate it as well.

The third and final red button is on the metal wall directly in front of the last button. It is next to the big cannon there. So, go down and approach the wall. Grapple to the top. Approach the last red button and press it. This will begin an orbital bombardment of the landing platform down below. Very useful, if you still haven’t cleared out all the enemies there. Just be careful not to get caught in the blast as well, it’s best to observe from a distance until it’s over.

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