Harry Potter WU Greenhouses - How to Use Them

Greenhouses in Harry Potter Wizards Unite are important places in the game, and learning how to use Greenhouses will be very important, since they are places where you can gather and grow Potions ingredients. While gathering Greenhouse Ingredients is pretty simple, growing them has several elements to it that do warrant some explanation. So, with that in mind, we’re gonna show you how to use Greenhouses in Harry Potter WU, how to grow and gather Ingredients, and explain how the social aspect of Greenhouses in Wizards Unite Works.

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Harry Potter WU Greenhouses - How to Use Them
Harry Potter WU Greenhouses – How to Use Them

How to Use Greenhouses in Harry Potter Wizards Unite – How to Pick Up Plants in Greenhouse?

To use Greenhouses in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, you’ll first have to walk up to one and tap it in order to go inside. Now, there are two uses for these Greenhouses. The first one is gathering ingredients for Potions. Tap the Greenhouse to go inside. Then, place your finger (or whichever appendage you use) on one of the three pots, and swipe up to pull out the mystery ingredient. Sometimes, you might even get a bit of Spell Energy.

After you do this, a red flag will go up on the Greenhouse. This marks it on the map as a place you’ve already visited, and some time needs to pass before you can collect ingredients from there again. So, in this capacity, they’re not that different from Pokemon Go PokeStops. However, you can also use Greenhouses to grow ingredients, which brings us to our next point.

How to Grow Ingredients in Wizards Unite Greenhouses?

To grow Potion Ingredients in Harry Potter WU Greenhouses, you first have to collect seeds and water from the overworld map. Then, find a Greenhouse, approach it, and tap it to go inside. The next step is to tap the Growing tab at the bottom of the screen to enter the next screen. Tap the green Grow button next, and select what you want to grow from the list. Lastly, tap the copper Grow button to put the seed and water into the pot and start growing. If that last button is gray, then you don’t have the materials for what you wanted.

When to Collect Growing Ingredients from Greenhouse in Wizards Unite?

Different Ingredients take different time periods to mature. When they do, there’s a thirty-minute window to literally reap what you’ve sown. Now, when there’s something growing in a Greenhouse, it’s going to glow green. Everybody can notice that from the Map screen. You can even tap on a glowing Greenhouse, even if you’re not close to it, and see what exactly has been planted there. So, looking at it, you might come to the conclusion that growing ingredients in Wizards Unite Greenhouses are some kind of social thing, where other players can participate. And you’d be right.

Are Greenhouses Social in Harry Potter WU?

Yes, Greenhouses in Wizards Unite can indeed be a social thing, in that a number of players can participate in the growing of ingredients. Basically, whoever comes around a green-glowing Greenhouse and goes inside can cast the Herbivicus spell to boost the plant’s yield. So, if you spot one, tap it to go inside, then access the glowing plant pot. If you look at the top of the screen, you’ll see a meter of how much Spell Energy has already been added by others.

From there, you can use the + button to decide how much Spell Energy you want to add to the pool, and the bar at the top will show you how big of a difference you’re making. At that point, all that’s left is to trace the spell (basically writing an “h”), and boom. The more Spell Energy people pump into the growing Ingredient, the higher the crop yield multiplier. It makes out at x9.

And yes, this does mean that everybody can access the Ingredients once they are ready. To be more exact, whatever’s been grown in the Greenhouse will spawn on the map next to the building, with the multiplier applied. Any player that comes upon them within the thirty-minute window can help themselves to it, regardless of whether or not they participated in the growing process.

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