Harry Potter WU Professions - Auror, Magizoologist, Professor

There are three professions on offer in Harry Potter Wizards Unite – the auror, the magizoologist and the professor. Each one is suited to different styles of play and different situations, which is reflected in their unique skills, spells and equipment slots. Thankfully, you can switch classes whenever you like, and you’ll retain your progress. If you’re wondering which profession in Harry Potter Wizards Unite should you choose, or what each one of them does, this guide will tell you everything you need to know.

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harry potter wizards unite professions
Harry Potter Wizards Unite Professions – Auror, Magizoologist, Professor

How to choose a profession in HP Wizards Unite?

Professions are unlocked once you reach level 6. You get to choose whether you want to be an auror, a magizoologist or a professor. The important thing to know is that the initial choice will not lock you into a profession permanently. You can switch between them whenever you want. Each profession is strong against some enemies and weak against others. This is especially important when it comes to fortress battles.

Aurors are strong versus Dark Forces and weak against beasts. Magizoologist excel against beasts but suck against curiosities. When fighting curiosities, you’ll want to be a professor, but as one you should be wary of dark forces. Each profession has hundreds of nodes and improvements you can upgrade with scrolls and rare books. These buff your stats and unlock new skills. When you switch a profession you keep all progress, but it doesnt’ carry over – you have to level up each class independently.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Profession strength

Which Harry Potter WU Profession to choose first?

Knowing all this we can now get into which profession to choose in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. For inexperienced players, I would suggest going with Auror or Magizoologist at the start. This is because upgrading their skills requires less restricted section books that are hard to come by. This means less grind to unlock the full potential of your class. If you’re not affraid of a challenge, the Professor seems to be the best choice according to multiple sources. Magizoologist excel at healing and support of teammates. Aurors are more about debuffing the enemy and doing extra damage. Professors are nifty because they are a jack of all trades and can debuff enemies, but also cast heals. In the end it all goes down to your preferred playstyle.

If I were you I would choose my first profession based on which character I like the most. Harry Potter represents the Aurors, Hagrid is the magizoologist and professor McGonagall is, well, the professor. If you’re going to be playing in a team, it won’t matter much, since you’ll want a balance crew either way. If you like crunching numbers, here are the cold, hard stats for each of the professions.

Stat Name (Description)AurorMagizoologistProfessor
Stamina (health)296525397
Power (damage)1005979
Protego Power (reduction in damage when you cast Protego)35%49%45%
Precision (critical hit chance)35%20%23%
Critical Power (critical hit damage)120%98%111%
Proficiency Power (amount of extra damage when you have a proficiency)148%148%150%
Deficiency Defense (amount of extra damage taken when you have a deficiency)50%60%50%
Defense (amount of enemy damage that is blocked)39%50%44%
Defense Breach (armor damage)32%22%15%
Accuracy (how likely you are to hit)15%20%32%
Maximum Focus (amount of focus you can have)101215
Initial Focus (amount of focus you start with)454


Aurors are a damage-dealing class. They can equip two hexes and two charms which mostly help by debuffing enemies (reducing their power, stamina, etc). They’re proficient against dark forces, but weak against beasts. They have the highest power, precision, critical power and defense breach, but they severely lack in stamina, defense, accuracy and focus. Here are the spells they can use:

  • Weakening Hex: Lower an enemy’s power
  • Bat-Bogey Hex: Reduce an enemy’s stamina by a small amount
  • Focus Charm: Transfer focus onto a teammate
  • Confusion Hex: Lower an enemy’s defense, dodge and defense breach


Magizoologists are support characters which focus on healing and buffing others. They can equip up to four charms which can do stuff like restoring teammates’ stamina. They do extra damage to beasts, but receive more damage from curiosities themselves. They have the most defence and health, but are low on power and critical power. The following spells are at their disposal:

  • Stamina Charm: Heal a teammate
  • Mending Charm: Heal a teammate a little
  • Revive Charm: Revive a teammate and heal them a little
  • Bravery Charm: Increase your team’s power against Elite enemies


When playing as a professor, you’ll do more damage to curiosities, but you’ll be extra exposed when fighting dark forces. You’ll have one hex slot and three charm slots at your disposal, and they’ll allow you to heal your friends or increase their defence, impair enemies and more. From what we’ve seen, the professor seems like a mix between the former two. They don’t excell at any area in particular, but they have decent stats all around.

  • Deterioration Hex: Make an enemy lose health whenever they attack or defend
  • Mending Charm: Heal a teammate a little
  • Protection Charm: Increase a teammate’s defense
  • Proficiency Charm: Increase the team’s proficiency power


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