Harry Potter Wizards Unite Launch Date in UK & US Announced

Niantic have announced the release date of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in the UK and the US. It’s coming later this week, on June 21st. There’s no word on any launch date for other parts of the world. Still, this rolling launch was to be expected, seeing as how Pokemon Go came out in a similar way.

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Harry Potter Wizards Unite Launch Date in UK & US Announced
Harry Potter Wizards Unite Launch Date in UK & US Announced

So, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has been out in a kind of beta form for a while in Australia and New Zealand. Well, the time has come that some other parts of the world to get in on the action. Specifically, the UK and the US. For you guys, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is going to launch later this week; Friday, June 21st, to be exact, according to a tweet from the game’s account. The game is going to come out in other parts of the world at a later date. We don’t know exactly when, though.

To mark the occasion, we got a three-minute launch trailer, which you can check out below. The trailer, somewhat disappointingly, doesn’t feature almost any gameplay. The most we get is a few stills on the protagonist’s phone. Instead, it’s a live-action video, featuring three “wizards” witnessing the world of magic piercing the veil into the Muggle world. There’s a tussle with some Death Eaters, and then our protagonist apparently saves none other than Harry Potter from a Dementor. I love how the video has to specify that this trailer doesn’t feature gameplay footage.

Now, even though this trailer doesn’t feature any gameplay, it’s not to say that the developers haven’t showed us anything in previous videos. And, besides, if you’ve played Pokemon Go, you’ll probably get the gist fairly quickly. After all, it’s made by Niantic, so you can expect a fairly similar augmented reality experience, just with several coats of Harry Potter paint.

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