Harry Potter WU New Update on iOS Now Available

Niantic have released a new update for Harry Potter Wizards Unite on iOS. Among other stuff, it adds increased chances for earning the Masterful bonus for high-accuracy spellcasting, the option to conserve mobile data by downloading assets via WiFi in the Settings, lifetime achievements to the Ministry ID, and so on.

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Harry Potter WU New Update on iOS Now Available
Harry Potter WU New Update on iOS Now Available

Since Harry Potter Wizards Unite is currently in its nascent beta stage, and only in select areas at that, one can expect that this will be the time to grow and adjust. And, well, that’s exactly what’s happening. Just a day ago, the game got a new update on the iOS, which introduces a few changes and adds a couple of features. Here’s the full list of changes and other stuff in the latest update for Harry Potter Wizards United, as posted on Reddit by user malcomjudd:

  • Coming soon: New Profession upgrade item called Restricted Section Books available during limited-time events.
  • Unlock Borgin and Burkes wizard shop experience with 2 km & 5 km Portkey Portmanteaus.
  • Increased the chances of earning the Masterful bonus for high-accuracy spellcasting.
  • Conserve mobile data by downloading game assets over WiFi in the Settings menu.
  • Lifetime achievements added to the Ministry ID.
  • Improvements to how Traces appear from Dark Detectors.
  • Changes to the visual appearance of Wizarding Challenges, Foes in the Arena Map, and Professions.
  • Portkey Portmanteaus no longer appear on the Map if your Portmanteau inventory is full.
  • Improved performance for Wizarding Challenges and Portkeys.

So, there you have it. A handful of quality-of-life additions, new features and a promise of more to come, plus some fixes and upgrades and a new layer of paint. That’s exactly what you want from a game’s early childhood. Now, all that’s left is for Harry Potter Wizards Unite to launch worldwide, so everybody can join in on the fun.

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